Attorney Jess Bedore was outstanding in my case. He was incredibly knowledgeable and immensely helpful throughout the length of my case. Thanks to his work, I received a much better outcome than what I had thought possible, including no jail time, a reduction of my probation to informal probation in one year and a termination of probation and expungement, which is a set aside and dismissal in two years. His staff was also extremely helpful and courteous. Together, they truly made all the difference. I could not recommend them more highly.


Mr. Bedore gave me my life back! There are no words that adequately express how grateful I am to Mr. Bedore for his assistance in winning my case of a finding of factual innocence and clearing a record of charges. His experience and wisdom are unmatched.

I spent several months searching for a lawyer whom would represent me and help me maintain the integrity of my name. The specificity of my case required a very skilled attorney. Several prominent attorneys actually recommended him as the best lawyer for my case. I would tell any potential clients to wholeheartedly trust Mr. Bedore. There was so much I wanted to say in defending myself, but Mr. Bedore knows what is required of jurisprudence. He researched precedence and expertly conveyed the truth.

He did not just take on a client; he sincerely wanted the truth of my innocence to be revealed to the court. He will treat you with respect and take everything you say seriously. He will be your best advocate and understands that his clients have undergone great stress and have had their lives greatly affected.

With the utmost gratitude,
Signed, your forever grateful client

If you're looking for an attorney who sees you as a person, goes above and beyond for you and has your best interests at heart, you've come to the right place! Jess skillfully handled our case. He took the time to answer questions and address concerns and explained things in layman terms we could understand. We are so grateful to have had his years of experience and caring attention to detail on our side! Thank you, Jess!


You will receive the highest level of expert representation with Jess Bedore. Jess made me feel comfortable and secure in my situation because he was both honest and optimistic about my case. From beginning to end, he always kept communication and promptly took the time to explain details in all aspects. Unlike other attorneys, Jess has built a solid relationship with the courts and their staff. He pre-emptively structures his court hearings to minimize the actual time spent in court. With him, I noticed he receives the very same respect he gives upon to others. He and the staff at his firm are Knowledgeable, Professional and have a strong dedication and perseverance to keep you out of jail. They respect absolute client confidentiality to the highest degree. I have nothing but praise and recommendation for you and your law firm.

I am grateful to have had Jess on my side. I don't know what would have happened without him.


Recently, we found ourselves in need of a Criminal Defense Attorney. We contacted Mr. Jess Bedore of Roseville and after a interview, we hired him. Mr. Bedore was able to ease our fears and immediately took control of a very bad situation that was spiraling out of control. Everything was handled quickly and efficiently, so much so that we never had to enter the courtroom. The threats we received from other parties involved were dealt with, and the situation was resolved without an innocent person doing any time. We are forever grateful to Mr. Bedore and his staff for their dedication, knowledge and perseverance. If you need an attorney that can get things done, this is the firm to contact.

~A very happy client

When our son was arrested over a provoked incident, we were caught quite unawares and had no idea about what was happening to or what loomed for our son. As parents, we feared a lot of imagined dire results.

A website search brought us to Attorney Jess Bedore and, as this was our first approach to an attorney, we had our first meeting with trepidation. Doubts were dissipated as we quickly realized his considerable experience in dealing with criminal defense in the Roseville area: he knows the law and the local people concerned with upholding the law. He shows a good appreciation of what is indefensible nonsense and of what requires a careful strategy, all second nature to him. Attorney Jess Bedore was unrestrained in expressing our legal situation, and handling well all of our concerns, to our relief, came through successfully, as he promised.


Jess Bedore represented my son in his recent DUI case, which involved a car accident. Mr. Bedore handled this case in an excellent manner and we are very pleased with his efforts and the result he got us. Mr. Bedore was able to negotiate an excellent alternative sentence with the D.A.'s Office in lieu of jail and was able to keep any penalties to an absolute statutory minimum.

Mr. Bedore kept us informed of all the facts and circumstances in my son's case, the possible outcomes and helped us understand the legal process from beginning to the end. Mr. Bedore's legal fees were very reasonable and there were no surprises or negative experiences whatsoever with his representation of my son.

I would absolutely recommend the Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore III to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney.


I am forever grateful to the law firm of Jess Bedore. Jess and his staff went out of their way to help me turn my life around.

I was involved with a very sticky case that involved criminal tax issues and restitution and it went all the way up to the Attorney General's office. When I asked Jess to take my case, he took it with full force. He stuck to the facts and would not allow the AG's office to "snow" him with misconceptions.

When it came time to having my charges reduced so I could return to a somewhat normal life (being able to get a good job, travel and more) Jess driven to get that happening for me.

Jess is an extremely smart, goodhearted, "no games" type of attorney and will get your case settled with every ounce of effort he can. He accepts the challenging cases, like mine, and works on them whole heartedly. He really does care about his clients and helping them through their rough time in their criminal case.

So the rest of the Jess Bedore Law Firm staff!!

I value everything he did for me and would definitely recommend Jess Bedore's services to anyone who has a criminal issue needing representation. He gets the job done.

~R.B., Roseville, CA

I am happy to say that I have dealt with Mr. Bedore, a criminal defense attorney of Roseville California , with a very satisfying result . It was really impressive to see how he calmly handled my daughter's cases. Thanks a lot for helping us support our daughter when she got arrested.

I truly want to commend Mr. Bedore on the excellent legal service he has provided in connection with our cases recently. Mr. Bedore...."You have all the attributes a client expects in a good law firm: Knowledge, Experience, Professionalism, Integrity, Strategic thinking, Enthusiasm and Responsiveness." I strongly recommend him as the best defense attorney in town who can surely keep you out of jail. I believe he did an excellent job of representing my daughter's cases. I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone in a similar (or lesser) situation.


We interviewed four different lawyers before meeting Jess Bedore. Each one told us something different. One painted a picture of the worst case scenario, so he could charge a higher price for getting us off, and making us think of all that could do wrong if we did not win our cases. Another one told us things that he could do, but afterward we found out he could not. A third did not want to handle all of our cases, for we had multiple charges between two people and he talked about conflict of interest. The fourth just told us what we wanted to hear, with a lot of legal talk backing it up.

Mr. Bedore was totally upfront and honest with us about what the situation was and what he could do for us. We decided to pick his law firm and it turned out to be the best decision we have ever made. He came through. He did what he said he would do, in the amount of time he thought he could do it in and won all of our cases, just as he said he could.

If I ever need to use a lawyer again, I will most likely come straight to Mr. Bedore's law firm and not waste any time checking out any other lawyers. He is the best lawyer we could have had for my wife, mother-in-law and I appreciate everything he did for us.

~Very satisfied clients in Placer County.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jess’ work for me. I was arrested for a DUI in Placer County and although I was offered a reduced charge of a wet reckless, Jess refused this offer and he was able to get the entire case dismissed.

I was also charged with a drunk driving in Nevada County. Jess’ legal efforts and his expert forensic toxicologist were able convince the D.A. to reduce my DUI to a simple traffic infraction with a small fine. Jess also won both of my DMV administrative hearings and I never lost my privilege to drive in California.

I would highly recommend retaining this law firm any criminal matter someone may have, since they are very reasonably priced and represent their clients with the highest level of expertise in criminal cases.

~James K.