Identify Theft, Credit Card Fraud and Forgery

A Strong Defense in California Courts

At the Roseville, California, law firm, the Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore III, our attorneys defend clients facing charges of identity theft, credit card fraud and forgery. Charges such as these are growing more common, mainly because new technologies make this type of crime easier to commit. If you have been charged with identity theft or similar crimes, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable attorney.

Knowledgeable Attorneys, Strong Defense Strategies

With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore III have a thorough understanding of criminal procedure, the court system and the best defense strategies for whatever your case may bring.

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Examples of Charges

We have defended clients against charges such as:

  • Using another individual's credit card, either in person or on the Internet
  • Using fraudulent information to apply for a credit card
  • Using altered credit cards and forms of identification to make purchases or obtain services
  • Forging another person's signature to gain access to accounts, including committing check fraud
  • Creating a false identity to purchase goods and services

Our defense strategy in these cases seems simple: obtain all the relevant records and look for weaknesses in the prosecution's case. In reality, obtaining all the records is often more difficult than it sounds, and requires in-depth knowledge of credit companies and other financial organizations. And searching for weaknesses in the prosecution's case requires an in-depth understanding of banking and commercial law. Our attorneys have both the investigative skills and the legal knowledge needed to mount a vigorous defense against charges of forgery and fraud.

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