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December 2011 Archives

California man up against rape charges after concert incident

A California man is facing allegations of rape following an incident at the opening night of the Stagecoach Country Music Festival last spring. If convicted, he faces many years in prison and he may also become a registered sex offender. He has maintained his innocence and pleaded not guilty to the allegations, according to a recent news report.According to the claims of the 23-year-old plaintiff, she had asked the 46-year-old man, a parking attendant, to help her find a friend's car after she became separated from her friends at the music festival on April 30. After the man helped her, she alleges that he exposed himself. Against her protestations, she claims he proceeded to grope and rape her.

California citizens lobbying for new sex crimes law

A father and daughter in California are pushing for a new law that would make it a felony for any adult who fails to alert authorities after a child has told him or her about being sexually abused, or about any other type of sexual conduct with a minor.

California babysitter faces molestation charges

The state of California has severe penalties for anyone convicted of sexually related offenses. When these offenses include sexual conduct with a minor, it is easy to make a quick judgment from media reports and expect severe consequences for those accused. It is important to remember that the consequences of an accusation alone can follow someone the rest of their life, and that they are innocent until proven guilty.

Grandmother, brothers arrested on drug charges

Two brothers and a grandmother have found themselves caught up in a drug bust operation and are now facing serious drug charges. They are among six individuals who were recently arrested by authorities. Police claim they were all involved in a marijuana trafficking network between California and Illinois. Police reports claim one of the two men initially moved to California in April 2011 in order to start a marijuana business. Their claim is he intended to grow the drug in California and ship it to Illinois in packages filled with school supplies. Shipments were received by his brother, according to the charges filed.

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