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California babysitter faces molestation charges

The state of California has severe penalties for anyone convicted of sexually related offenses. When these offenses include sexual conduct with a minor, it is easy to make a quick judgment from media reports and expect severe consequences for those accused. It is important to remember that the consequences of an accusation alone can follow someone the rest of their life, and that they are innocent until proven guilty.

In a recent case, a California teenager is facing serious allegations of child molestation that stemmed from recent news reports about molestation. The 19-year-old Los Angeles man was a babysitter who advertised his services on an Internet babysitting referral service. He is currently in jail pending a $2 million bond after being accused of sexually molesting two boys. The accusations came after the mother of the boys wanted to educate her children on sexual abuse in light of the recent Penn State scandal, reports claim.

The mother of the two boys hired the 19-year-old to babysit and had used his services for approximately eight months prior to his arrest. Police reports indicate she was made aware of the alleged abuse when she read her 8-year-old son details on the Penn State scandal as a means of "providing education and awareness" on what sexual assault was.

When hearing the details, the woman claims her son broke down and told her that these were things that had been done to him by their male babysitter. The babysitter was supposed to come over that evening, but the mother says that was cancelled and the police were called instead.

Police reportedly corroborated his story after an interview with the child. They also corroborated allegations of abuse against the woman's second son. The teen babysitter has pleaded not guilty on eight felony counts of sexual misconduct, including sexual intercourse with a child under 10 years of age.

Source: Reuters, "California babysitter who advertised online charged with abuse," Steve Gorman, Nov. 30, 2011

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