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January 2012 Archives

Court: Police must get warrant before using GPS to track suspects

In the years since the September 11 attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., government and police agencies in California and across the country have come to expect that they will be given full leeway in criminal investigations, even if their tactics may infringe on the constitutional rights of the suspect. However, that tide may be changing after a recent Supreme Court decision that orders police investigators to get a search warrant before using GPS devices to track suspects.

Jail overcrowding may lead to release of Roseville drug offenders

In the coming months, Placer County residents who have been arrested and convicted of nonviolent drug crimes may be released from jail as the result of a new California law meant to remedy the persistent prison overcrowding that has plagued the state in recent years. Because most people who are convicted of nonviolent drug charges pose little threat to themselves and to the community, this will likely be a positive development for both offenders and the city, county and state.

Eyewitness identification at issue in Supreme Court case

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court of the United States issued an opinion stating that the U.S. Constitution did not require additional safeguards into the reliability of an eyewitness. The ruling comes at a time when many police procedures regarding eyewitnesses have come under fire for reportedly causing hundreds of wrongful convictions for drug charges, sex crimes, and a variety of other offenses in Roseville and throughout the country.

California man arrested on drug charges in Idaho

While in many cases, drug arrests occur after extensive investigations by law enforcement agencies, this is not always the case. In California, and elsewhere across the country, citizens are arrested on drug charges every day after routine traffic stops. Even so, anyone accused of a drug crime is warranted the same rights during the investigation of alleged criminal activity and is due a proper defense. A California man will now have to gather his strength to face serious drug charges after a routine traffic stop in Idaho.The incident occurred last month in Idaho, according to the Idaho State Police. The Idaho State Police reportedly pulled over a Ford Ranger pickup for a traffic violation on Interstate 86 in Power County. The alleged traffic violation that the man was stopped for was not indicated in a news report.

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