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California man arrested on drug charges in Idaho

While in many cases, drug arrests occur after extensive investigations by law enforcement agencies, this is not always the case. In California, and elsewhere across the country, citizens are arrested on drug charges every day after routine traffic stops. Even so, anyone accused of a drug crime is warranted the same rights during the investigation of alleged criminal activity and is due a proper defense. A California man will now have to gather his strength to face serious drug charges after a routine traffic stop in Idaho.

The incident occurred last month in Idaho, according to the Idaho State Police. The Idaho State Police reportedly pulled over a Ford Ranger pickup for a traffic violation on Interstate 86 in Power County. The alleged traffic violation that the man was stopped for was not indicated in a news report.

The police then reportedly searched the vehicle, although a probable cause for the search was also not included in the news report. The search of the vehicle allegedly yielded approximately nine pounds of marijuana and one-quarter ounce of methamphetamine. The street value of the drugs procured was estimated at $21,000 by police.

The 54-year-old driver of the vehicle was arrested on marijuana trafficking charges as well as felony possession of marijuana. He was also charged with felony possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. The investigation remains ongoing.

This man will need to prepare a criminal defense to face these charges. He has the right to be considered innocent until proven otherwise. The prosecution has an equally challenging task to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, while still ensuring his rights are maintained.

: KPVI News 6, "California Man Arrested on Drug Charges During Traffic Stop," Dec. 15, 2011

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