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April 2012 Archives

California on path to lower penalties for drug possession

California lawmakers have begun the legislative process of reducing penalties for drug possession within the state. Senate Bill 1506, introduced by Senator Mark Leno of San Francisco, California, would make the possession of heroin, meth and coke a misdemeanor rather than a felony, as it is now. Although the measure passed the Senate Public Safety Committee by a 4-2 vote, it still needs to pass the full Senate and Assembly before becoming law.

Bobby Brown charged with DUI in California

The stress of losing his ex-wife in such a tragic way, may have led to the arrest of singer Bobby Brown for DUI at the end of March. Brown's lawyer met before a judge Monday and pleaded not guilty on behalf of Brown, but the judge ordered Brown to ban alcohol from his life until his next court appearance because the judge felt that his past substance abuse problems and the recent stress in his life, could affect public safety.

California curfew sweep results in juvenile arrests

A recent California curfew sweep resulted in the arrest of 16 juveniles. This would have included a 14-year old girl who was considered intoxicated, another juvenile in possession of marijuana, and a third for allegedly interfering with a peace officer. Motivation for the sweep stemmed from a fatal car accident earlier in the week involving area teenagers and the demand for stronger enforcement of curfew violations.

Internet crimes and identity theft on the rise

Crime doesn't pay, but for some criminals, the internet has proven to be a lucrative way to scam individuals out of their money. With information available at your fingertips, it's easy to see how those looking for ways to cheat others out of money, find the internet full of opportunities. What criminals don't count on, is that more people are becoming aware of these internet crimes and will usually be wary of the "too good to be true" scams.

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