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May 2012 Archives

Life without parole for defendant in California murder case

Roseville, California, residents may have heard of the May 18 sentencing of a man convicted by a Sacramento jury trial of sexual assault and murder. The man, convicted in April, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. However, the defendant has maintained his innocence through the entire court process, and he again vowed in court at his sentencing to continue his efforts to be exonerated.

New gang unit may suppress weapons crimes

Roseville, California, area residents may not know this, but the Sacramento area is a hive of criminal gang activity. According to a recent investigative report, there are approximately 12,000 gang members in Sacramento County alone, belonging to 200 different criminal gangs.

California child molestation case ends in mistrial

Roseville, California, residents may be familiar with the recent trial of a 27-year-old man who is being charged with child molestation. The trial was in Sacramento, California, and ended in a mistrial. The 27-year-old defendant was facing 21 charges related to his alleged molestation of five children. He has been in custody since his arrest in January 2010.

Pending legislation would force concealed carry reciprocity

The laws involving weapons are notoriously complex, to the point that California gun owners who travel are often unsure of whether they are violating one of the many state and federal laws by owning, carrying or using a weapon. Gun owners' rights are particularly complicated, given the constitutional underpinnings and plethora of activist groups on both sides of the weapons issue. Combine all this with the recent attention in the media to gun ownership, and the issue is one of the hottest out there amongst politicians.

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