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Drug sweep nabs suspected meth dealers

A wide-ranging sweep on May 3 by the Napa Special Investigations Bureau resulted in the arrest of 17 people, including one in Roseville, California.

The sweep, which targeted "street-level" dealers who sell drugs, was the culmination of an approximately five month investigation. Most of the people arrested will face drug charges, with the majority involving methamphetamine. The arrests also secured some heroin as well.

The sweep, dubbed "Operation Clean Sweep," also involved the sheriff and police departments in Napa. SWAT teams executed some of the arrest warrants in the operation.

As many California residents are probably aware, these types of drug charges carry significant criminal penalties and are vigorously prosecuted by the state. However, the defense in a drug case does have several tools available in attempts to get the charges dismissed, or to reach a not guilty verdict. There are numerous constitutional protections that police must abide by when they make an arrest or conduct a search. An experienced criminal defense attorney will know every part of the procedure that police must follow, and often if the police fail to do so, a case can be dismissed.

Besides trying to get charges dismissed or getting a not guilty verdict, some individuals with drug arrests may be eligible for certain programs which were implemented with an eye toward drug treatment. People who qualify for these drug treatment programs can see their cases dismissed once the program is successfully completed.

No matter the charge, drug arrests involve serious offenses and anyone who finds themselves charged should retain legal counsel as soon as possible to avoid making any further mistakes. A Certified Criminal Defense Specialist will be able to ensure that the police follow all of the constitutional protections afforded to defendants in our court system.

Source: Napa Valley Register, "17 arrested in drug agents' sweep," May 4, 2012

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