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June 2012 Archives

Sacramento robbery results in injury, arrest

A person who is convicted of a serious crime in Roseville may face serious penalties. For instance, consequences for weapons charges may include fines, incarceration, probation and community service. A young couple may see first-hand the kind of consequences that are associated with weapons crimes after authorities claim they were responsible for a brazen daylight robbery that took place earlier this month.

Suspected drug trafficker arrested in California

Roseville residents may not be aware, but just a three hour drive to the south will take you to an area close to Raymond, California, where there is a remote area that is popular for growing marijuana. Unfortunately for those who may be inclined to use the area for illegal purposes, this site has been under investigation by authorities for quite some time. Recently, an arrest was made in connection with the marijuana grow site in Madera County.

Sacramento deputies face weapons charges for alleged firearms conspiracy

Our Roseville area readers may have heard by now of the headline making news from Sacramento where two county deputies were allegedly involved in a firearms conspiracy. They now face weapons charges.

Very little known about recent shooting that left one man dead

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department is investigating an apparent homicide that occurred over Memorial Day weekend, but so far their initial efforts have been unsuccessful. The victim, an 18-year-old male, was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head.

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