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July 2012 Archives

Roseville man faces additional charges for alleged sex crimes

The cloud of suspicion over one Roseville man arrested in June has grown a bit darker recently. The 45-year-old man was arrested in late June for the alleged sexual abuse of a child. However, the case may not end there. Police launched an investigation into the man's activities. They claim there could be other victims. He now faces additional charges for the alleged sexual abuse of children.

Sacramento man faces identify theft charges

Our Roseville readers may have seen a recent post about an international Internet crime investigation that led to the arrest of 24 people around the world. It was a large scale operation, and those that were arrested were alleged to have been engaged in identity theft and credit card fraud.

Fatal shooting in Sacramento involved teen with assault weapon

Roseville residents have no doubt heard by now of the brewing controversy involving the Sacramento Police Department. On July 7, a 17-year-old was shot and killed in an incident involving two police officers. The shooting was apparently triggered by the youth's possession of an assault weapon, which was allegedly found on him as the police stopped him and another young man for questioning.

Arrests made in international Internet crimes investigation

Our Roseville readers may be seeing an increase in news headlines dealing with cybercrimes these days. Cybercrimes or crimes involving the Internet, email and other electronic mediums are part of a relatively new area of law. People accused of Internet crimes may be arrested and tried in both state and federal courts.

Northern California man arrested for alleged sex acts with minors

Sex crimes allegations have been making national headlines recently, which any Roseville resident paying attention to the Jerry Sandusky case knows. But a case that is much closer to home for Californians has made headlines of its own after a Boy Scout leader was arrested in Butte County for alleged sexual conduct with a minor.

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