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August 2012 Archives

California makes moves to focus on Internet crimes

Many Californians probably think of this state as the center of the world for all things Internet. Silicon Valley is known worldwide for all that the area offers and the concentration of wealth in the area, but the same thing that was true during the gold rush days is true today: trouble follows the money.

18-year-old man arrested near Roseville, charged with sex crimes

Some of our Roseville area readers may have heard by now about a recent arrest in nearby Carmichael. According to reports, an 18-year-old man was allegedly entering homes in the area and committing sexual assaults on young children. He is now waiting in the Sacramento County Jail to go through the criminal justice process with bail set at $1.3 million.

Child molestation allegations hit the Boy Scouts of America

Any Roseville resident who knows what it's like to get arrested knows that it can be embarrassing. Even a mere arrest - not even a conviction - is sometimes enough to imperil relationships, employment or other associations. But when the allegations include a sexual assault, especially something as unbearable as child molestation, the resulting damage can be substantial.

Carl's Jr. robbery could result in weapons charges

Roseville residents may have heard by now about the robbery that occurred late last month at a local Carl's Jr. restaurant. Authorities were not initially able to make an arrest after the incident in which the restaurant's employees allege that two men came into the business and locked them in a freezer along with a customer.

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