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18-year-old man arrested near Roseville, charged with sex crimes

Some of our Roseville area readers may have heard by now about a recent arrest in nearby Carmichael. According to reports, an 18-year-old man was allegedly entering homes in the area and committing sexual assaults on young children. He is now waiting in the Sacramento County Jail to go through the criminal justice process with bail set at $1.3 million.

Any criminal charge is hard to face, but an arrest for sexual assault or child molestation is particularly challenging. Police investigations of these types of charges are especially thorough with authorities often taking extra precautions to prevent any kind of missteps by the prosecution. This can mean facing a mountain of evidence or seemingly ironclad eyewitness testimony. And, if convicted, the sentence can include prison time and a lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender.

However, no prosecution case is perfect, and this 18-year-old man is probably just beginning to get an idea of what kind of evidence led to his arrest. When he was arrested on Aug. 13, authorities indicated that he was close to the area in which the alleged incidents occurred. The accused was said to enter the homes of the victims during the night, approach the children inside and then flee.

When defending oneself from allegations of sex crimes, the fight can sometimes seem futile. Those in the public are prone to making snap decisions and judgments, and a defendant can often have a difficult time with jury members since the details in these types of cases can be quite troubling. A prosecutor will play on the fears of the jury members, making them think of their own children and their own homes. That is why, in these cases, an appropriate defense strategy is often what can make or break a case.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "Man arrested in Carmichael on suspicion of prowling, lewd acts with children," Aug. 13, 2012

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