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Child molestation allegations hit the Boy Scouts of America

Any Roseville resident who knows what it's like to get arrested knows that it can be embarrassing. Even a mere arrest - not even a conviction - is sometimes enough to imperil relationships, employment or other associations. But when the allegations include a sexual assault, especially something as unbearable as child molestation, the resulting damage can be substantial.

A recent report may have some of these effects. A review of the Boy Scouts of America files has suggested that this renowned organization had over 125 cases in which men who were alleged or suspected to have committed some type of molestation continued to serve in the organization.

The report alleges that the suspects were able to transfer from one Scout group to another after problems arose, thereby avoiding detection. Apparently, this occurred despite the fact that the organization maintained a supposed "blacklist" of participants who were suspected of engaging in sexual assaults, in order to keep those individuals from creating and maintaining ties with other Scout groups.

Anecdotal evidence from the study revealed specific instances of individuals who were actually convicted of sex abuse crimes, and then went to different states and served in different Boy Scouts troops.

It doesn't seem to take much these days for someone to get embroiled in some type of trouble with the law. But, when reports such as these come out suspects can expect a rigorous and thorough investigation by the authorities. Anyone facing a charge of sexual assault or child molestation could be looking at significant penalties, up to and including prison time and a lifetime of having to sign up as a registered sex offender. That is why, when facing allegations of a sex crime, the defense team's approach to the legal aspects of the case will be crucial.

Source: Yahoo! News, "Report: Boy Scout files reveal repeat child abuse," Aug. 5, 2012

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