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September 2012 Archives

Roseville Police arrest 45-year-old man for allegedly selling drugs

As our previous post pointed out, the decision to sell drugs in California can come with some very significant penalties. A Carmichael man may soon learn firsthand what types of punishments are levied for serious drug charges, as he was arrested by Roseville police earlier this month and is alleged to have had methamphetamine and heroin in his possession at the time.

Arrest made in nearby Placer County, two men facing drug charges

Police in the Roseville area arrest suspects all the time who are alleged to be attempting to sell drugs. There is a wide variety of drug charges in California, which can carry varying degrees of punishment. However, two men in nearby Placer County may be looking at potential charges on the more serious end of the punishment spectrum, after they were arrested on September 6 in a residence containing numerous firearms and approximately $2.5 million worth of marijuana.

More gun control may be on its way in California

Our Roseville, California, readers may not be aware, but recently more gun control legislation made its way successfully through the California Legislature to land on Gov. Jerry Brown's desk for his signature. The legislation would make the open display of rifles a misdemeanor weapons charge, with those convicted of the crime subject to a six-month jail term or $1,000 fine.

California sexual assault case leads to severe sentence

Our Roseville readers have probably seen previous posts detailing how difficult it can be to defend against sex crimes charges. Facing a sexual assault charge can put a defendant in a tricky position right from the get-go, especially in cases where consent is brought up as an issue, or drugs or alcohol are involved. And some of the most daunting aspects of a sex crimes cases are the potential sentences, which can include substantial prison time and a lifetime of being forced to list oneself as a registered sex offender. Recently, a 62-year-old Sacramento man found out just how perilous facing a sex crimes case can be, when he was sentenced to 200 years-to life after being found guilty of the rape and sexual assault of two women.

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