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Arrest made in nearby Placer County, two men facing drug charges

Police in the Roseville area arrest suspects all the time who are alleged to be attempting to sell drugs. There is a wide variety of drug charges in California, which can carry varying degrees of punishment. However, two men in nearby Placer County may be looking at potential charges on the more serious end of the punishment spectrum, after they were arrested on September 6 in a residence containing numerous firearms and approximately $2.5 million worth of marijuana.

The amount of marijuana involved in the arrest, about 520 plants, is one thing, but the more serious matter may turn out to be the almost 120 firearms seized in the home. The home was searched by Placer County authorities, under the premise of information provided by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, which was used to obtain a search warrant. Both of the men were arrested for drug possession, but the older man, a 48-year-old, could be looking at a more serious charge involving the firearms seized, unlawful use of a dangerous weapon during the commission of a felony. And some of the firearms were allegedly stolen.

Drug abuse unfortunately creates the atmosphere for many people to get involved in the manufacturing - or, in this case, growing - of controlled substances. However, in this case, the search warrant used to enter the home will need to be thoroughly reviewed by the defense counsel for any potential defe cts. Evidence seized in an unlawful search can be suppressed, and thereby rendered unusable in any attempt to convict a defendant.

When someone is facing charges covering both illegal drugs and firearms, the consequences can be quite serious. Potential sentences for those convicted can include a lengthy prison sentence, followed by years of probation supervision. Anyone in this type of situation should be sure to get the right information about the best criminal defense strategy.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "Two men arrested, cache of guns seized at Placer County home," Cathy Locke, Sept. 7, 2012

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