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October 2012 Archives

Roseville parents conduct their own "police sting"

The rise of social media and Internet communication has given police much more area to cover when investigating crimes. After all, most everyone these days has at some point used a cellphone or computer to communicate with others, whether it is via text messages or email. However, these types of technology can also be used in ways which put people in awkward situations, if their messages are interpreted the wrong way. Recently, a California man was arrested in Roseville for his use of text messages, when allegations were brought that he was attempting to contact a teenage boy to possibly engage in sexual conduct with a minor.

Man detained in California allegedly had weapons on international flight

Most of our Roseville readers probably know what a nightmare air travel can be these days. The security protocols at our nation's airports have become so restrictive that hardly anything is approved for carry-on luggage. That's why a recent story out of Los Angeles may come as such a surprise to our readers when it was reported that a 28-year-old man was detained for a potential weapons charge when he was discovered to be equipped with a bullet-proof vest and an array of other weapons.

Roseville caregiver faces financial crime allegations

Some of our Roseville readers may not be aware that many state legislatures, including California's, have passed criminal laws in recent years specifically tailored to protect elderly adults. This could be because America's population continues to get older as medical advances lengthen many people's lifespans, and, as a result, our country's elderly population continues to grow. Many elderly adults require personal, in-home caregivers, and these assistants can be great in many respects. They can clean the home, assist with medical needs and do the grocery shopping. According to a recent report, one elderly member of the Roseville community had just such a caregiver, but the situation may have taken a bit of a turn.

Massage therapist faces sexual assault charges in Roseville

Sex crimes allegations should not be taken lightly. A person who is accused of committing a sex crime may face consequences even if they are never convicted. The media often sensationalizes stories involving alleged sex crimes. However, people in the Roseville area and beyond must remember that in this country, those accused of crimes remain innocent unless they are proven guilty in a court of law.

Sex crimes case involving children reaches plea agreement

Most of our Roseville readers know that varying degrees of crimes carrying varying degrees of penalties. A DUI arrest, for example, is typically a misdemeanor. Robbery is a felony. The two different crimes have significantly different levels of potential sentences - a first-time misdemeanor usually results in probation, and a first-time felon could land a jail sentence followed by probation. However, most people also know that there are certain types of crimes that are of particular interest to prosecutors and police, to which they devote untold numbers of resources. The killing of a police officer, for example, will usually get the entire police force looking for the suspect. And something like possession or distribution of child pornography will get almost the full attention of a prosecutor's office.

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