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Man detained in California allegedly had weapons on international flight

Most of our Roseville readers probably know what a nightmare air travel can be these days. The security protocols at our nation's airports have become so restrictive that hardly anything is approved for carry-on luggage. That's why a recent story out of Los Angeles may come as such a surprise to our readers when it was reported that a 28-year-old man was detained for a potential weapons charge when he was discovered to be equipped with a bullet-proof vest and an array of other weapons.

Apparently this man had gone through security in Japan and South Korea, where weapons such as a smoke grenade, a hatchet and a collapsible baton did not raise any concerns because they are not among the listed items which are prohibited aboard airplanes in those countries. It looks like this man could now be facing either jail time or fines here in the United States.

Some are blaming the complexity of international rules concerning what is and is not allowed in carry-on luggage. Apparently some countries do not have the strict rules the United States has. However, some are saying this was most likely a simple oversight on someone's part.

Anyone who finds themselves detained on weapons charges is likely to face an immense amount of scrutiny, especially in California where gun control public policy can be very unforgiving. In such instances, the immediate need to consider the best criminal defense strategy can be the difference between a reasonable conclusion to the case or time behind bars.

Source: KHQ Right Now, "Much of odd weapons cache on plane was permissible," Eileen Sullivan and Michael R. Blood, Oct. 11, 2012

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