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Massage therapist faces sexual assault charges in Roseville

Sex crimes allegations should not be taken lightly. A person who is accused of committing a sex crime may face consequences even if they are never convicted. The media often sensationalizes stories involving alleged sex crimes. However, people in the Roseville area and beyond must remember that in this country, those accused of crimes remain innocent unless they are proven guilty in a court of law.

According to news reports, a 45-year-old massage therapist was arrested late last month on allegations of sexual assault. This man was arrested under a warrant stemming from an investigation which began in August. He faces accusations of sexual battery on two different women who went to his massage parlor.

Even though the case is just beginning for this 45-year-old man, he will likely face immediate ramifications simply for becoming a suspect in a criminal case. He could lose his job, and could have quite a difficult time finding another.

A case like this could come down to the eyewitness testimony of the alleged victims versus the word of the accused. The prosecution will be forced to prove every element of the crimes charged, which can be difficult unless the subsequent investigation turns up more concrete evidence.

For this man, however, as he sits in the Placer County jail on $100,000 bail, the focus will have to turn to defending himself against the accusations he has become embroiled in. People in situations like this would be wise to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney as early on in a case as possible.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "Roseville massage therapist arrested on suspicion of sexual battery," Darrell Smith, Sept. 28, 2012

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