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Sex crimes case involving children reaches plea agreement

Most of our Roseville readers know that varying degrees of crimes carrying varying degrees of penalties. A DUI arrest, for example, is typically a misdemeanor. Robbery is a felony. The two different crimes have significantly different levels of potential sentences - a first-time misdemeanor usually results in probation, and a first-time felon could land a jail sentence followed by probation. However, most people also know that there are certain types of crimes that are of particular interest to prosecutors and police, to which they devote untold numbers of resources. The killing of a police officer, for example, will usually get the entire police force looking for the suspect. And something like possession or distribution of child pornography will get almost the full attention of a prosecutor's office.

Sex crimes carry a very specific stigma in our society. To even be suspected of or charged with a sex crime can do significant damage on its own, let alone actually being convicted of such a crime. For one Sacramento man, the damage was done and then some, as he is currently looking at a sentence of 18 years in prison.

This man was facing various sex crimes involving children, including molesting one boy, contacting another via text messages and also possessing child pornography. For this man, the evidence was apparently too overwhelming to risk going to trial, so he agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors for the 18 year sentence.

Sometimes in sex crimes cases, where the lead-up investigation can be so thorough, the only option left for a defendant is to try to reach a plea deal. In that case, the full extent of developments could depend on the skill of defense counsel. Anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation should be looking to secure only the most competent criminal defense.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "The Public Eye: Former teacher going to prison for child sex crimes," Melody Gutierrez, Sept. 23, 2012

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