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November 2012 Archives

Two young men face prison time in Sacramento courts

Gun control is one public policy our Roseville readers can expect the state legislature in California to push to the furthest extent of their power. A weapons charge in California can lead to significant penalties, including prison time and lengthy probation sentences. For two young men who recently found themselves facing a Sacramento court, that reality may be setting in right about now.

Police respond to foul odor complaints, find marijuana plants

Drug abuse is a powerful motivator in today's society. It will make people take chances by using illegal substances, which can then put a job, family or driver's license at risk. However, the demand for illegal substances makes others take huge risks in other ways, chiefly by attempting to manufacture or grow drugs, as well as attempting to sell drugs. And when people find themselves in a situation where allegations are being made that they may be on the supply side of the drug trade, that is when the potential criminal charges can get very serious.

Alleged Roseville shooter could be facing prison time

Some of our readers may have heard by now about the rather tense situation that occurred on night of November 3 in Roseville. It appears that an argument over a party got completely out of hand, and the result could be a weapons charge for the individual who ended up being arrested.

Northern California police task force has a busy day

Northern California authorities have been busy lately, with a recent report noting a particularly interesting string of arrests made by a drug enforcement task force on October 19th. One arrest was made for possession of a switchblade knife - an illegal weapon in California. Another, coming after authorities stopped to help the occupants of a disabled vehicle, was made after the police smelled marijuana in the vehicle. That stop in particular could come with some very serious criminal charges.

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