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Police respond to foul odor complaints, find marijuana plants

Drug abuse is a powerful motivator in today's society. It will make people take chances by using illegal substances, which can then put a job, family or driver's license at risk. However, the demand for illegal substances makes others take huge risks in other ways, chiefly by attempting to manufacture or grow drugs, as well as attempting to sell drugs. And when people find themselves in a situation where allegations are being made that they may be on the supply side of the drug trade, that is when the potential criminal charges can get very serious.

One man was arrested recently in a Sacramento home, and he could now be facing some serious drug charges. According to the reports, police were not initially investigating the Sacramento home, but they did respond after they received complaints of odors in the area. Upon responding to the home in question, police allege that they discovered approximately 750 marijuana plants, and indicated that the home itself was actually part of a marijuana growing operation.

To pile on with the drug charges, the reports indicate that the suspect who was arrested was also charged with utilities theft because electricity was being used illegally to power the operation.

Manufacturing or growing illegal drugs in California can come with the potential for strict penalties. Not only will this man face the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence, afterward he could face a long period of probation wherein he could be required to attend substance abuse treatment. However, there are still questions in this case, most important of which is how the police gained entry to the home involved. When there are potential questions about the police following lawful procedures, it can be extremely important to have a thorough review of the case completed as soon as possible in order to determine what the best criminal defense strategy will be.

Source:, "Police seize large marijuana grow at Sacramento home," Nov. 11, 2012

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