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Two young men face prison time in Sacramento courts

Gun control is one public policy our Roseville readers can expect the state legislature in California to push to the furthest extent of their power. A weapons charge in California can lead to significant penalties, including prison time and lengthy probation sentences. For two young men who recently found themselves facing a Sacramento court, that reality may be setting in right about now.

According to the reports, these two men, both of whom are now 20-years-old, were facing gun-related charges stemming from an incident way back in 2008. The two men were alleged to have been gang members who engaged in a drive-by shooting in which four people were severely injured on October 8, 2008. They also were facing charges of attempted murder.

Although the case seemingly dragged on for years, the two men were convicted by a jury on November 14 of this year. They will not be sentenced until January, but the potential sentences will assuredly be on these two men's minds as they await their sentencing hearings.

When a person has been found guilty of a crime, especially a weapons crime, the immediate defense strategy needs to pivot as soon as possible to composing a list of the mitigating circumstances which may lessen the potential sentence. Examples would include a person's lack of prior criminal history, a lack of a propensity to commit a crime again and positive contributions which may have been made to the community at large. Pointing out these types of positive aspects in a person's life may assist in getting a more lenient sentence. And, if a person is facing a sentencing hearing, having the right voice explain these mitigating circumstances can make a world of difference. Only time will tell if these two young men have such an advocate for their January sentencing hearings.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "Two men convicted of attempted murder in gang-related shooting," Cathy Locke, Nov. 16, 2012

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