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December 2012 Archives

22-year-old arrested for rape, booked into Placer County Jail

In our society today, there are certain criminal charges that catch more attention than others. Rape is one of them. Being charged with rape can almost immediately destroy a personal or professional reputation, and often the charge comes with an extremely high bail amount. Recently, a man in the local area was arrested for rape, and he is sitting in the Placer County Jail with a bail amount set at $150,000.

California man may be reviewing the Constitution after arrest

For most Americans, it is not a crime to own a firearm. In fact, the "right to bear arms" is one of the most identifiable, easily delineated rights in the United States Constitution. However, over a couple hundred years of evolving gun control legislation, the right to possess or own a gun has been curtailed and whittled down to the point where there is in fact a large percentage of the population who are prohibited from doing so. And there are even certain guns which by their very nature alone are illegal in and of themselves. That is why when a California resident is arrested for a weapons charge, the first part of a criminal defense strategy would most likely be to determine whether there is any legal reason why the individual was not allowed to own or possess the firearms.

Two Northern California men arrested after Craigslist meeting

Our Roseville area readers probably know that police officers can use a wide variety of techniques in their attempts to arrest people who sell drugs. However, the Internet is rising as a means of catching all manner of criminal suspects, and one particular website, Craigslist, played a key role in the arrest of two men recently on drug charges.

Car chase in Northern California leads to drug charges

California is known as a state that has a more lenient view of recreational drugs than other states. However, police in California will not hesitate to arrest someone if they are in violation of the existing laws. This is especially true if the accused is alleged to have led the arresting officers on a chase to begin with.

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