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Two Northern California men arrested after Craigslist meeting

Our Roseville area readers probably know that police officers can use a wide variety of techniques in their attempts to arrest people who sell drugs. However, the Internet is rising as a means of catching all manner of criminal suspects, and one particular website, Craigslist, played a key role in the arrest of two men recently on drug charges.

According to the initial reports, police were not actively investigating the two individuals who were arrested. However, it appears that a Sheriff's Department employee had a car listed for sale on Craigslist and received a trade offer of another vehicle and a quarter pound of marijuana for his car. The employee reported the alleged offer to the authorities, who arranged to meet with the contacts.

The reports indicate that the scheduled meeting did in fact take place, and the police were shown the vehicle to be offered in trade, as well as the marijuana. Two men were arrested at that time, and both were taken into custody with high bail amounts set.

Although there are dozens of legal tactics police can use to discover and arrest those who would take part in the drug trade, it is important to remember that all defendants have constitutional rights which need to be respected. If police are proven to have conducted an unconstitutional search or seizure, the case could be dismissed or at the very least some evidence could be suppressed. That is why the immediate assessment of the available options for a criminal defense after an arrest is key. Crafting the right defense strategy early in the case can make the difference between a dismissed case and a lengthy prison sentence.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "Two accused of trying to sell marijuana to narcotics officers," Cathy Locke, Nov. 30, 2012

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