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January 2013 Archives

Roseville Police arrest teacher on sex crimes charges

Police in Roseville arrest people every day, but there are some cases that probably stand out to local citizens when they hear them on the news. That was probably the case recently, when a 35-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly having sexual conduct with a minor.

Arrested for a Facebook post? - Roseville man behind bars

When our Roseville readers think of "Internet crimes," they probably envision a hacker sitting on a high-tech laptop computer stealing passwords and email account information. While that may be the case sometimes, the advancement of technology is making it easier for some to find themselves facing a criminal charge for a wide variety of Internet-related use. In fact, according to a recent report, one local man has found himself involved in a criminal case for doing something millions of people do every day - making a Facebook post.

The spread of meth has the Roseville police joining with others

Many of our California readers are probably familiar with a drug known as "meth." In the big scheme of things, meth, or methamphetamine, is a relatively new drug on many streets throughout America. But, the problems associated with this drug are spreading just as quickly as the distribution of the drug itself, and the Roseville Police Department have played a role in some of the toughest enforcement of the laws against those who are suspected of drug possession.

Man facing charges from alleged encounters in a Sacramento park

Many of our Roseville readers probably know that any criminal case which is based solely on eyewitness testimony can be a flawed case. The problems associated with eyewitness testimony are becoming more widely known among the general public - problems like memory lapse and misperception. For one man who was arrested recently in the Sacramento area on charges on indecent exposure, the criminal defense strategy may come down to these very problems.

Sacramento police officer faces sex crimes charges

Some of our Roseville readers may have heard about the Sacramento police officer who was arrested recently. The 49-year-old officer, who has been with the Sacramento Police Department for 22 years, was arrested on allegations of sexual assault.

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