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The spread of meth has the Roseville police joining with others

Many of our California readers are probably familiar with a drug known as "meth." In the big scheme of things, meth, or methamphetamine, is a relatively new drug on many streets throughout America. But, the problems associated with this drug are spreading just as quickly as the distribution of the drug itself, and the Roseville Police Department have played a role in some of the toughest enforcement of the laws against those who are suspected of drug possession.

A recent news story detailed how the Roseville Police Department, along with other police agencies, has been engaged in a joint operation in an effort to catch people who are suspected of transporting meth between Nevada and California. During one of the most recent parts of the investigation, a 4-month ordeal which led to the arrest of several individuals, police investigations also resulted in the seizure of approximately 20 pounds of methamphetamine, as well as around $90,000.

Most of the drug laws on the books in California are strictly enforced, but the drug that most police departments throughout the country are most worried about currently is meth. Compared to other drugs, methamphetamine is manufactured rather than grown, so it can be easier to set up and maintain a manufacturing facility for meth. That is probably why some police agencies, including the Roseville Police Department, have decided to band together with other agencies to combat the spread of this drug.

However, as with any other evolving part of society, the laws involving the policing of methamphetamine can change. For anyone facing drug charges involving meth, it can be very important to get an early start to putting together a criminal defense strategy. Doing so could mitigate the damage done by an arrest.

Source:, "Nearly 20 lbs of methamphetamine netted by joint operation," Jan. 4, 2013

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