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February 2013 Archives

Arrest in Roseville involves meth, potentially drug abuse

Drug abuse is always a concern in our society, especially with the seemingly unstoppable growth of the "meth" problem. "Meth" refers to methamphetamine, which is a highly addictive drug that is also very dangerous to manufacture. Unlike marijuana, there is a manufacturing process for meth that involves quite a bit of chemistry with dangerous ingredients. Although this process has been somewhat glorified in Hollywood, with hit television shows like "Breaking Bad," the problem of drug abuse takes a real human toll in California, and a recent arrest may be a result of this issue.

Man discovered in field of marijuana convicted by jury

Anyone who makes the decision to sell drugs is clearly taking a huge risk, especially in America where the drug laws can be extremely harsh. Although there has been a recent relaxing in the marijuana laws in the western states of Colorado and Washington, the drug is still illegal in the other 48 states, as well as under federal law. So, the decision to take part in this enterprise can lead to a lot of headaches. However, there is a criminal justice system which must run its course, and, unfortunately for one man in Northern California, that process recently came to an unsatisfactory end for him.

As public policy shifts, one local area still has daily gun crime

There are many parts of the country that are unfortunately known for their problems with crime and violence. Chicago is certainly making national headlines these days for the plague of gun violence that city is experiencing, but California has its share of places too where guns, death and drugs are a huge part of people's lives. Even as public policy may be in the midst of a shift toward more gun control legislation, a recent article highlighted the many problems which can arise due to firearms - especially in one area close to Roseville.

Explosion leaves man with an injury, as well as felony charges

There are certain types of criminal allegations that are more serious than others. For instance, when our Roseville readers think of someone facing a weapons charge, they probably think of illegal possession of a deadly weapon or assault weapon, or perhaps the person under suspicion was the problem, such as a felon in possession of a firearm. What they may not envision, however, is a university chemistry researcher being arrested for possession of explosives.

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