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Arrest in Roseville involves meth, potentially drug abuse

Drug abuse is always a concern in our society, especially with the seemingly unstoppable growth of the "meth" problem. "Meth" refers to methamphetamine, which is a highly addictive drug that is also very dangerous to manufacture. Unlike marijuana, there is a manufacturing process for meth that involves quite a bit of chemistry with dangerous ingredients. Although this process has been somewhat glorified in Hollywood, with hit television shows like "Breaking Bad," the problem of drug abuse takes a real human toll in California, and a recent arrest may be a result of this issue.

According to a recent report, a man was arrested in Roseville for drug possession on February 6. Police allegedly found meth and other paraphernalia when a search was conducted. Although drug charges like this are somewhat common, this case in particular has caught a bit more news coverage due to the man's strange name - Obiwan Kenobi.

This man became something of a national celebrity some time ago after a previous arrest in Roseville last year. His name sparked a series of somewhat tongue-in-cheek news stories, because of the association with the "Star Wars" character who made the name famous.

Although the news media may like to poke fun, the types of drug charges this man is facing are a serious matter. The initial reports indicate that this man may have been on probation from his previous criminal case, which if true could leave him facing a revocation of probation along with the potential penalties for the new charges. For this man, a thorough assessment of whether the search in this case was valid and whether or not the police had a right to stop him may be the key to his criminal defense strategy.

Source: news10 abc, "Obiwan Kenobi accused of meth possession," C. Johnson, Feb. 11, 2013

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