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Man discovered in field of marijuana convicted by jury

Anyone who makes the decision to sell drugs is clearly taking a huge risk, especially in America where the drug laws can be extremely harsh. Although there has been a recent relaxing in the marijuana laws in the western states of Colorado and Washington, the drug is still illegal in the other 48 states, as well as under federal law. So, the decision to take part in this enterprise can lead to a lot of headaches. However, there is a criminal justice system which must run its course, and, unfortunately for one man in Northern California, that process recently came to an unsatisfactory end for him.

According to a recent report, a 57-year-old man was convicted of two drug charges by a jury in Yolo County. The charges included possession of marijuana for sale and cultivation of marijuana. The reports indicate that the man was discovered when authorities found a field of marijuana growing in Yolo County. The man was allegedly walking through the field armed with a rifle.

It is not uncommon for those who participate in the illegal drug trade to have large areas of marijuana growing in sparsely populated areas. The reports in this case indicate that the 57-year-old man admitted that he was in the field to tend the marijuana, and was scheduled to receive a certain percentage of the profits once the marijuana was sold.

The prosecution must always prove each element of a criminal charge beyond a reasonable doubt. In a jury trial, both the prosecution and the defense will have an opportunity to interview the prospective jury members before they are selected. In this case, the judicial process proceeded to a final result, and the defendant is scheduled to be sentenced on February 25. For his case now, the focus will be on finding mitigating circumstances to lessen the ultimate sentence.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "Yolo County jury convicts man found tending more than 500 marijuana plants," Cathy Locke, Feb. 8, 2013

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