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March 2013 Archives

Local television station reportedly a victim of Internet crimes

The Internet has made life easier for many people in many ways, but it has also created another means for crimes to occur. However, state and federal laws covering Internet crimes are always evolving, and mostly legislators are playing catch-up when new laws are enacted. This makes every element of a criminal charge crucial, and from a criminal defense standpoint any little bit of evidence could make the difference in a case.

West Sacramento police officer faces sexual assault charges

Some high-profile criminal cases have the ability to incite emotions from Roseville residents more than others do. For instance, gun crimes are getting much more attention these days due to the increased national debate about the best approach to gun control. However, sexual assault cases are probably the most high-profile cases the public sees on a day-to-day basis, and one case out of nearby Sacramento has turned a lot of heads.

Teacher arrested in nearby Rocklin on drug charges

Even though drug abuse remains a major problem in America today, some states have pushed forward with legislation to downplay the significance of certain drugs. The recent legalization of certain amounts of marijuana in Washington and Colorado has probably left many people thinking about which state will do the same next. In California, however, there are still laws on the books which make certain aspects of marijuana possession, use and distribution illegal. A resident of nearby Rocklin learned that recently, when he was arrested on drug charges.

Recent arrest alleges possession of drugs and firearms

Many people have been arguing in recent months that there should be a shift in public policy in regards to gun control. Some politicians in the United States Congress, including some Representatives and Senators from California, are currently working on legislation which would reportedly include an assault weapons ban, similar to the one which expired under former President George W. Bush. The purported shift in the public conscious may be having an effect on local law enforcement as well, and one California man might be thinking the same thing after he was recently arrested on weapons charges.

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