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West Sacramento police officer faces sexual assault charges

Some high-profile criminal cases have the ability to incite emotions from Roseville residents more than others do. For instance, gun crimes are getting much more attention these days due to the increased national debate about the best approach to gun control. However, sexual assault cases are probably the most high-profile cases the public sees on a day-to-day basis, and one case out of nearby Sacramento has turned a lot of heads.

According to a recent report, a former police officer from West Sacramento is facing an incredible 35 criminal charges for various instances of sexual assault. To make matters worse, the police officer is alleged to have committed many of these crimes while he was on-duty. His bail has been set at a staggering $29.3 million.

The mix of sexual assault charges in this case includes sodomy, rape and kidnapping. There were allegedly six victims overall, and the incidents reportedly occurred over the course of about a year, from October of 2011 until September of 2012. The former police officer was indicted by a grand jury.

Once a person is convicted as a sex offender, there are more penalties to worry about than just a prison sentence. Many people convicted in these types of cases are required to become registered sex offenders, which is intended to help the public track their whereabouts, but mostly works as a permanent stigma and can lead to more problems when local residents find out about their past. Sex crimes are one of the most difficult types of cases to defend against in a criminal court setting. However, most cases have options for the defendant, if they have the right information to make the best decisions.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "Ex-cop pleads not guilty to sex assaults," Darrell Smith, March 8, 2013

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