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April 2013 Archives

Seven arrested in case involving alleged Internet crimes

Internet crimes seem to be a growing facet of criminal law in many states, including California. State lawmakers often struggle to keep up with the pace of technology, but there are laws in place regulating permissible behavior on the Internet. In recent years credit card fraud has become a big concern with the rise of online shopping, as has identity theft. But, according to a recent report, it doesn't take a computer whiz hacking a database for an investigation to result in a criminal charge.

Arrests made in nearby El Dorado County after warrants served

The role of illegal drugs in American society continues to play a prominent part in the national discussion, including in California. Although recent years have seen some changes in state laws regarding the use and possession of marijuana, most notably the changes implemented after last year's elections in Colorado and Washington, marijuana possession is still illegal in most places in America. And when drug possession leads individuals to sell drugs, the problems can get even more complicated.

Juvenile faces sexual assault charges in Sacramento

Any type of media report concerning an arrest of an individual on sexual assault charges can rattle a local community, with the spotlight on the crime intensifying when a weapon was involved or perhaps raising some eyebrows when a suspect claims the encounter was consensual. No matter what the context of the allegations may be, the outcomes of sexual assault cases are heavily dependent on the exact details of the case. And those details can make the difference between a lifetime branded as a sex offender or being able to go free.

Will consent come up in Auburn man's criminal case?

Consent is one of the main criminal defenses to a sex crimes charge. Whether a person is facing a charge of sexual assault or rape, in contested cases the question of whether or not the encounter was consensual or not could become a key point in a criminal trial. Although this defense does not come up in all trials involving sex crimes charges, when it does it is important for everyone to remember that the defendant stands innocent before the judge and jury - unless the prosecution can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty. This is an extraordinarily high burden to meet, thus ensuring - hopefully - that only those individuals who are truly guilty will receive punishment. A man from nearby Auburn was recently arrested on sex crimes charges, and as the case plays out it will be interesting to see if his strategy incorporates the defense of consent.

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