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May 2013 Archives

Description leads to arrest in Sacramento case

When there are reports of a kidnapping attempt in the local area, alarms bells go off for many people. For some Roseville parents, kidnapping is their greatest fear for their children. In one recent case, however, there will be an added level of scrutiny and fear - the suspect is reportedly a registered sex offender.

Elk Grove fire reveals marijuana operation, according to police

When it comes to the enforcement of drug laws in our country, two things are probably true. First, the police most likely spend the majority of their time in narcotics investigations going after people they suspect sell drugs. Second, the people who are arrested for drug possession probably pop up on the police radar first because of another reason, possibly by committing another crime. But, for a woman in nearby Elk Grove recently, quite another explanation led to her arrest.

What led to searches in a routine traffic stop in nearby Auburn?

Most of our Roseville readers probably know that there are a variety of things that they can do - or not do - when driving an automobile that will catch the unwanted attention of police officers. Speeding is probably the most common, but other infractions, such as failure to use a turn signal or driving with a busted headlight, are other common occurrences that could lead to a warning or a ticket. But, for two men in nearby Auburn, a recent traffic stop led to a situation where they will face much more serious consequences.

Online activity leads to arrest of California man

When a person in California is charged with Internet crimes it is important to realize that these types of charges can be difficult to defend against. Many of the criminal statutes that regulate online activity are relatively new in the grand scheme of things, which complicates the task of coming up with a sound defense strategy - but it can be done. For one man in California, however, being labeled by the media as the "King" of child pornography in the state will not make this task any easier.

Suspect allegedly offers to sell drugs to undercover officers

Our Roseville readers probably know that in a police investigation, sometimes one thing leads to another. For instance, in a string of recent incidents in nearby El Dorado County, allegations of threatening behavior by an individual eventually led police to suspect that the individuals was also trying to sell drugs. One tip led to a whole new case.

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