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Description leads to arrest in Sacramento case

When there are reports of a kidnapping attempt in the local area, alarms bells go off for many people. For some Roseville parents, kidnapping is their greatest fear for their children. In one recent case, however, there will be an added level of scrutiny and fear - the suspect is reportedly a registered sex offender.

Some of our readers have no doubt heard of this kidnapping case by now. The alleged incident took place in mid-May, and now a 25-year-old man is in custody. The details of the case are quite shocking. According to the reports, the suspect is charged with driving up to a 7-year-old girl who was walking with her mother and then grabbing the child and forcing her into the trunk of his vehicle. Shortly after the man drove off the trunk somehow opened and the girl was able to get away.

The 25-year-old man was arrested after the little girl gave a description of her would-be abductor. A sketch of the suspect was made from the girl's description, and a person familiar with the case commented that the booking photo of the suspect was a very close match to the sketch developed from the girl's description.

Facing kidnapping charges is serious enough, but when an element of potential sexual assault is included as well things could get out of hand quickly. The suspect in this case has reportedly spent time in prison from convictions in previous cases involving children under 14 years of age, as well as failure to register as a sex offender. As the court proceedings begin to take place, the suspect's defense strategy will likely focus on the reliability of the description given by the 7-year-old girl that led to this man's arrest.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "Man arrested in kidnapping of girl from Sacramento street is registered sex offender," Cathy Locke and Bill Lindelof, May 18, 2013

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