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Elk Grove fire reveals marijuana operation, according to police

When it comes to the enforcement of drug laws in our country, two things are probably true. First, the police most likely spend the majority of their time in narcotics investigations going after people they suspect sell drugs. Second, the people who are arrested for drug possession probably pop up on the police radar first because of another reason, possibly by committing another crime. But, for a woman in nearby Elk Grove recently, quite another explanation led to her arrest.

According to reports, firefighters responded to a residential fire on May 11. During and after their fight against the blaze, these firefighters allegedly discovered marijuana and marijuana growing equipment within the home. It appears that they passed that information on to the local police, who then executed a search warrant at the home. When a woman arrived on the scene sometime after the blaze, she was arrested. There was no immediate report as to the exact charges in the case, although the indications are that she was arrested in part due to the evidence found at the scene of the fire.

Many drug possession charges are at the misdemeanor level, especially those associated with marijuana. However, the general rule of thumb is that the greater the quantity of the drug found, the more severe the charge. Operating a marijuana growing facility in a residential area could raise major concerns about manufacturing and intent to distribute in the area.

Although America's stance on illegal drugs may be in the process of shifting, in most states, including California, very strict drug laws remain on the books. As long as marijuana is considered an illegal drug, drug charges like this need to be taken seriously.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "UPDATE: Elk Grove firefighters quench blaze, discover marijuana-growing operation," Loretta Kalb, May 11, 2013

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