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Online activity leads to arrest of California man

When a person in California is charged with Internet crimes it is important to realize that these types of charges can be difficult to defend against. Many of the criminal statutes that regulate online activity are relatively new in the grand scheme of things, which complicates the task of coming up with a sound defense strategy - but it can be done. For one man in California, however, being labeled by the media as the "King" of child pornography in the state will not make this task any easier.

The suspect, a 34-year-old man from Los Angeles, was arrested on April 24 and now faces charges of distributing child pornography. The initial reports indicate that there are potentially hundreds of children who have been victimized. Data found in a search of the suspect's computer hard drive reportedly turned up approximately 200 photos and 1,000 videos. Suspect data was also found on CDs in the home, as well as the man's cell phone.

To further complicate this man's case, he is being held without bail due to concerns about his immigration status. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has apparently placed a hold on the suspect.

When a person is alleged to have victimized children in any way, they will most likely be subjected to a much more thorough police investigation. If an investigation leads to criminal charges, there could be both immediate and long-term implications for the defendant. The social stigma associated with such charges is obvious, but if convicted a person may also face a lifetime being labeled as a registered sex offender. To ensure the best result in a bad situation, defendants need to consider defense strategies as soon as possible after an arrest.

Source: New York Post, "Alleged king of California kiddie porn arrested with 1,000 videos and 200 pictures," April 25, 2013

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