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Suspect allegedly offers to sell drugs to undercover officers

Our Roseville readers probably know that in a police investigation, sometimes one thing leads to another. For instance, in a string of recent incidents in nearby El Dorado County, allegations of threatening behavior by an individual eventually led police to suspect that the individuals was also trying to sell drugs. One tip led to a whole new case.

According to the reports, the suspect, a 51-year-old man, allegedly threatened a person's life, after which the behavior was reported to the authorities. It was discovered that the man was on unsupervised parole, which probably piqued police interest. As the investigation proceeded, the suspect allegedly offered to sell cocaine to undercover officers. Even though the nation mood toward drugs like marijuana may be changing, possessing and selling hard drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine and opiates are still considered to be very serious crimes.

Going forward in this case, the authorities reportedly decided to set up a number of drug buys from the suspect in question. It is alleged that transactions occurred resulting in the exchange of a number of illegal substances, including crushed opiate pills intended to resemble cocaine as well as crystal methamphetamine. The suspect then allegedly offered to sell the officers heroin, and after this sale was completed the individual was taken into custody on drug charges.

To make matters worse for this 51-year-old man he was being held in the El Dorado County Jail without bond. When that happens, the authorities consider the case very serious indeed. However, in every case, including this one, there could be the potential for missteps on the part of police to be exposed. What some people call "technicalities" are actually constitutional rights - and all American citizens are entitled to these rights.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "Parolee jailed in undercover drug bust in El Dorado County," Cathy Locke, April 16, 2013

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