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June 2013 Archives

Northern California case points to alleged marijuana operation

Thousands of people enjoy engaging in outdoor activities in Northern California, and many take their adventures to the area surrounding nearby Georgetown, where there is plenty of wide-open and natural spaces. However, regular news reports about individuals growing marijuana in that area points to the fact that this section of Northern California is also popular with those who would use the land to further their efforts to sell drugs. If recent allegations prove to be true, this type of activity is exactly what landed a 21-year-old man in jail on drug charges.

Arrests occur in string of sexual assault cases in nearby Davis

Many of our Roseville readers are probably parents of teenage children and they know that sometimes this particular age group is prone to irrational and unpredictable behavior. We all go through this age of transition, with varying degrees of success. However, some teenage children find themselves dealing with situations that are a bit more serious than many average teens go through, and that appears to be the case with a number of teens associated with a group home in nearby Davis.

Northern California man involved in drug search and seizure

A Northern California police department reportedly helped out the United States Department of Homeland Security recently, and the result was a man's arrest on drug possession and firearms charges. The police department in Manteca, just about an hour south of Roseville, was said to have aided in searches that allegedly turned up a fourth of a pound of heroin, as well as paraphernalia that indicated that the 59-year-old suspect intended to sell drugs at some point. A 12-gauge shotgun - reportedly loaded - and approximately $10,000 were also allegedly found in the man's possession.

Alleged impersonation of U.S. citizenship results in charges

When one of our Roseville readers thinks about the criminal charge of identity theft, they most likely envision a person who steals another's credit cards and driver's license in order to make purchases over the Internet. While this type of impersonation is indeed one method of committing this crime, there are other ways a person could be arrested on this type of charge. One Sacramento man found this out the hard way recently, when he was charged with a variety of identity theft-related crimes.

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