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Northern California man involved in drug search and seizure

A Northern California police department reportedly helped out the United States Department of Homeland Security recently, and the result was a man's arrest on drug possession and firearms charges. The police department in Manteca, just about an hour south of Roseville, was said to have aided in searches that allegedly turned up a fourth of a pound of heroin, as well as paraphernalia that indicated that the 59-year-old suspect intended to sell drugs at some point. A 12-gauge shotgun - reportedly loaded - and approximately $10,000 were also allegedly found in the man's possession.

Our Roseville readers may know that heroin is an opium-based drug, and its addictiveness and deadliness are on par with the latest scourge of police departments throughout the country: meth. Methamphetamine is an almost exclusively chemical-based drug, and the sale and use of meth is spreading through the country like wildfire. Anyone who is alleged to be involved with these "hard" drugs is likely to have a difficult time planning a defense to use in court, especially if the drug charges include an intent to distribute.

Besides the drugs allegedly found in the suspect's possession, the police also reportedly searched a storage locker belonging to the man and found two and a half more pounds of heroin. Authorities also seized a 2013 Toyota Avalon.

Being charged with an offense related to the sale of controlled substances presents a defendant with some unique problems. Some defenses, such as asserting a case of mistaken identity, become harder to use if the drugs in question were found in the defendant's immediate vicinity. A defense gets even harder if manufacturing drugs is in question. For the 59-year-old man who is now beginning the criminal justice process in this case, there will be many questions to answer, and several very serious decisions to make.

Source:, "Manteca police aid feds in drug arrest," June 5, 2013

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