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July 2013 Archives

Children are the alleged victims in recent arrest

Sex crimes involving children as potential victims can be very serious, from statutory rape to sexual conduct with a minor to possession of child pornography. Police and prosecutors usually take a special interest in pursuing those alleged to be involved in these types of activities. So, when reports surface of an arrest at a Target department store centering on an individual suspected of taking video recordings under the clothing of minor females, most of our readers know that the consequences could be severe.

Large drug bust in nearby Winters

Many of our Roseville readers may have seen a slew of previous posts here that cover the arrest of individuals who are alleged to be involved in marijuana growing operations in Northern California. It appears that the issue may be more problematic in the area, perhaps because of the climate and the vast, open wilderness areas throughout the region. On July 17 yet another alleged grow site was raided by the authorities, this time located in an area west of Winters, which is about 60 miles west of Roseville.

Police in Roseville arrest man in possession of heroin, marijuana

Drug abuse is a serious problem in America, and California is not immune to the troubles this type of addiction brings. While it is always unfortunate when someone gets hooked on drugs, law enforcement authorities know that there is a next level that really needs investigation: getting the people who actually sell drugs. And so, police departments throughout the country usually focus their activities on catching dealers and suppliers, not users. That appears to have been the motivation behind a recent investigation by the Roseville Police Department, which ultimately led to the arrest of a suspect on drug charges.

The night ends with four arrests after recent Roseville party

Many of our Roseville readers probably enjoyed attending a get-together with family and friends over the recent Fourth of July holiday. A lot of people probably had a four day break from work, enabling them to have a good time and blow off some steam. Unfortunately for one group of partiers who were getting an early start on the festivities in Roseville, the relaxing holiday break apparently got a little out of control.

Sacramento County case could lead to prison term

Although the recent national efforts to pass federal legislation concerning assault weapons appears to have been pushed to the backburner, California residents know that public policy in the state has always been more strict on gun control than in other states. In light of this, our Roseville readers would not be likely to be surprised to hear that a recent search of Sacramento County man's residence that turned up a number of firearms also resulted in a number of weapons charges.

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