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Police in Roseville arrest man in possession of heroin, marijuana

Drug abuse is a serious problem in America, and California is not immune to the troubles this type of addiction brings. While it is always unfortunate when someone gets hooked on drugs, law enforcement authorities know that there is a next level that really needs investigation: getting the people who actually sell drugs. And so, police departments throughout the country usually focus their activities on catching dealers and suppliers, not users. That appears to have been the motivation behind a recent investigation by the Roseville Police Department, which ultimately led to the arrest of a suspect on drug charges.

According to the reports, the police set up a type of observation schedule on the suspected individual. There were no immediate indications as to how this individual landed on the police department's radar as a potential drug dealer. Nonetheless, police concluded the investigation with an arrest after a traffic stop in which it appears that a K-9 unit allegedly sniffed out some illegal drugs, including heroin and marijuana.

After the arrest the police reportedly proceeded to the suspect's parents' house, where the individual was immediately prior to the arrest. All indications are that a search was conducted at the residence, although there were no reports on whether or not any more illegal drugs or paraphernalia were seized at the home.

These allegations are enough to land anyone in serious trouble, but the problems apparently continued for this individual. The reports indicate that when he was strip-searched at the jail more heroin was located in the individual's backside. This extra amount will no doubt increase the number of drug possession charges, or make the case even more difficult if the authorities decide to pursue charges of intent to distribute.

Source: Fox40, "Roseville Police Nab Suspected Heroin Supplier," Andria Borba, July 11, 2013

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