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Local area teens rescued in nation-wide operation

Many of our Roseville readers may have seen the news reports about a nation-wide police sting-style operation conducted in an effort to catch individuals involved in child sex trafficking. The operation was focused on children who were involved in forced prostitution situations. However, what our readers may not know is that three of the girls who were removed from these deplorable situations were actually from local areas: Sacramento, Fresno and Elk Grove.

According to the reports, two of the teenage girls were found in Sacramento and the third was located in the Las Vegas area. The reports indicate that the nation-wide raid was part of an ongoing effort by authorities to combat this particularly troubling type of crime. The operation has apparently led to the recovery of approximately 2,300 teenage victims since 2003.

While it is great that these local teenagers were rescued from what was probably an incredibly traumatic situation, it appears that two people in particular were targeted as suspects in the raids. The two female suspects, who are sisters, were arrested and both are now facing sex trafficking charges. The older sister is also facing a charge related to child pornography, although no further details were initially available on that charge.

Sex crimes that involve children or teens, or online interaction, are usually of particular interest to law enforcement authorities. Many times state police will have special divisions specifically designed to target these crimes, and federal organizations like the FBI are able to conduct investigations that span across state borders. This ongoing sex trafficking operation is just one example of how comprehensive law enforcement efforts can be in an effort to combat suspected sex-related criminal activity involving children and teens.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "National FBI crackdown on child sex trafficking rescues Elk Grove, Sacramento teens," Kurt Chirbas, July 30, 2013

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