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Meth enforcement operation leads to arrests, indictments

Many people in America get the impression from movies and television that California is a hotbed of activity for criminals trying to sell drugs. While there is obviously much more to California than this stereotype, it is unfortunate when news stories report about incidents which probably serve to reinforce the negative perception.

A report indicated that several arrests and indictments occurred recently involving members of a Mexican drug cartel and a California prison gang. Apparently there was some type of bargaining taking place between the two factions, in which territorial rights to distribute methamphetamine were discussed, as well as protection for incarcerated individuals.

Most Californians know that prison overpopulation is a major problem for the state, but few may know that prison gangs are regarded as particularly powerful organizations by law enforcement officials. Drug abuse may be a problem within the prisons, but the ability of incarcerated individuals to continue to participate in the manufacturing and distribution of illegal drugs is especially concerning. Eight people were actually arrested in the recent operation. A reported 600 pounds of methamphetamine were also part of the investigation. That may sound like a staggering sum to our readers, but that is probably only a fraction of what moves within the drug trade on a monthly basis.

As long as there are willing buyers the drug trade in America will continue to flourish. Newer drugs like methamphetamine - or "meth" - only exacerbate the problem. However, it is important to remember that there are many cases in which someone is arrested for drug charges but then the case ends up getting dismissed. Unfortunately, news stories about those cases aren't quite as high profile, often to the arrestee's detriment.

Source:, "13 indicted, 8 arrested in Calif. drug cartel investigation," August 7, 2013

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