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September 2013 Archives

In the midst of national debate, Fair Oaks man faces gun charge

Most of our Roseville readers probably know that the nation was rocked by yet another mass shooting incident recently. And, predictably, this incident brought gun control legislation efforts back to the news headlines, even as our nation's leaders grapple with seemingly more problems than they can handle. It seems that this will be the way that the public policy debate about gun control will play out indefinitely, and for gun owners here in Roseville the debate probably seems to be thousands of miles away and much farther away from an actual resolution.

Meth bust at rest stop in Dunnigan

If our Roseville readers feel like they are seeing more and more stories involving meth busts, they just might be right. Most people know that methamphetamine use has been on the rise over the last several years, which has in turn prompted law enforcement agencies to begin to target those individuals involved in the manufacturing and sale of this highly addictive drug. But, according to a recent article, an incident that led to the arrest of four people on September 8 didn't take a whole lot of police work.

Meth bust leaves 15 people facing charges

Methamphetamine has become a serious problem in our country, as most of our Roseville readers probably know. Serious drug abuse usually follows any kind of meth use, no matter how small the dose. That is because meth is one of the most addictive drugs in existence, and as a result law enforcement agencies throughout the country have made stopping those involved in the methamphetamine trade a top priority.

Every gun-related arrest has the potential to spark debate

Many of our Roseville readers may have noticed an uptick in news coverage related to arrests involving weapons charges as certain parts of the political establishment seek to steer public opinion toward a favorable view of more restrictive gun control legislation. Calling attention to a problem is one thing, but attempting to abrogate constitutional rights as a part of sound "public policy" can leave many gun owners feeling left out of the process. What should the gun control debate center on - mental health or gun ownership? Knowing how to discern news coverage from a party pushing a political agenda can take years to master. In reports about a recent incident in Placer County, both sides of the spectrum may be involved.

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