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October 2013 Archives

Public official faces meth charges

When a public figure is arrested on any type of criminal charge, there is the potential for prolonged and negative media coverage. And, unfortunately, in America today that type of news coverage alone is often enough to convict a person in the eyes of the public, despite our nation's longstanding principle of "innocent until proven guilty." For one public figure who was arrested in Roseville back on September 30, this may be exactly the type of situation he will have to deal with for the foreseeable future.

Man arrested in nearby Rocklin after early morning encounter

Law enforcement officials would probably tell our Roseville readers that certain crimes are linked to social problems. For instances, when asked about the disproportionate arrest rates of African-Americans in our country, the authorities usually cite poverty as a driver of the alleged crimes that are committed. Another common factor is often drug abuse, which can drive some people to commit property crimes, like burglary or theft, in order to obtain items they can then sell to support a drug habit. Sometimes a variety of charges are interlinked.

Couple accused of trying to sell drugs through the mail

In an effort to sell drugs in America, many people are willing to take all kinds of steps. Many of our readers have probably heard about all of the inventive ways drugs are smuggled across the U.S.-Mexico border, including drugs built into the bodies of cars and tunnels under the border. People are willing to take these drastic and dangerous steps because the demand for these illegal drugs and the money are both here in America. But there are also interesting ways that drugs can be moved from one part of America to another, and, if recent allegations are found to be true, a Roseville couple was arrested for trying to ship drugs the way many of our readers will soon be shipping Christmas presents.

Roseville teacher arrested on drug charges

Drug abuse can have many unintended consequences, but perhaps most troubling of all is the potential for damage it can cause in a young person's life. As a result, law enforcement officials will usually pay special attention to preventing attempts to sell drugs or use drugs on school property. Enforcement efforts often include cooperating with school officials and teachers in identifying potential problem areas to focus on. For one teacher at Oakmont High School in Roseville, however, she became the focus of a drug investigation herself.

Sacramento County deputy on the wrong side of the law

Most of our Roseville readers probably know that when children are alleged to be the victims of a crime the police and prosecutors take the case very seriously. However, when the alleged perpetrator is himself a police officer, the attention being focused on the case can go to a whole other level. That is the case in Nevada County, where a Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy, who has served 23 years on the force, is facing child molestation charges.

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