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November 2013 Archives

More arrests in Roseville and nearby locations after shootout

Some of our readers may recall a previous post here from a couple of weeks ago that detailed the events surrounding a shootout between a criminal suspect and law enforcement officials, which resulted in gunshot wounds for one Roseville police officer and one federal agent. It was reportedly a messy scene at the October 25 incident, involving numerous shots fired. The suspect involved is a 32-year-old man with alleged gang ties, and he is now in custody facing several charges of attempted murder, as well as a weapons charge.

Two men arrested in nearby Yolo County face drug charges

Thousands of arrests on drug charges occur throughout the country each year after someone gets spotted violating a traffic law while driving a vehicle. These types of cases make the news all the time, and they pop up after someone is stopped for speeding, failure to signal a turn or any other of the numerous routine traffic laws that, in actuality, millions of Americans violate every day. But sometimes a traffic stop is just the beginning of what is destined to become a much more serious case.

Bail bond paid in Roseville marijuana case

When someone is arrested for charges related to efforts to sell drugs, they can usually expect to have a high amount of bail set in their case. For most people, $20,000 is a pretty high amount. But, for a recent arrestee in Roseville, the $20,000 bail bond was paid and he was released shortly after his arrest.

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