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Bail bond paid in Roseville marijuana case

When someone is arrested for charges related to efforts to sell drugs, they can usually expect to have a high amount of bail set in their case. For most people, $20,000 is a pretty high amount. But, for a recent arrestee in Roseville, the $20,000 bail bond was paid and he was released shortly after his arrest.

Some of our Roseville readers may have heard about the recent arrest by detectives with the Roseville Police Department's Vice and Narcotics Enforcement Team in a residential area. According to the reports, police were directed to a particular house after they received complaints about an odor coming from the home. Apparently the complaints about an odor factored into the officer's ability to secure a search warrant, which they then executed on the home. When the search was conducted, the officers reportedly found that the house in question was filed with marijuana cultivation equipment and marijuana plants.

The reports indicate that the officers recovered about 200 marijuana plants. The individual who was arrested - a 26-year-old man - will be facing a variety of felony-level charges.

When a judge is determining the amount of bail to set in a case, a wide variety of factors come into play. First, the severity of the alleged crime is crucial, which is understandable. Roseville residents would probably expect someone to face a high bail amount for a charge of robbery than they would for a charge of drunk driving. But there is more to it than just the crime charged. Most of the other factors are weighed with an eye toward whether or not the suspect is a flight risk. If a judge believes that a suspect will not honor the obligation to return to court to face the charges, a higher bail amount will usually be set. Fortunately, arrestees usually get a chance to argue their case for a lower bail amount before it is set.

Source: Rocklin and Roseville Today, "Roseville Marijuana Grow Uncovered on Highland Park Drive," Nov. 7, 2013

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