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Shootout leads to a number of officer injuries

Every community hopes that citizens will obey the law and lead peaceful, productive lives, and Roseville is no different. Unfortunately, even the best communities face the potential of deadly situations involving firearms.

Most of our Roseville readers have probably heard of the recent incident involving a man on parole and several police officers. A confrontation led to a shootout, and as a result six police officers suffered wounds. Two were still hospitalized in the hours after the shootout, while four others were treated after the incident and released. The situation that provoked the shootout remains shrouded in a bit of mystery, but early details presented a chaotic picture of events.

According to a recent report, the incident seems to have evolved from a chance encounter. Officers who were taking part in an operation in Roseville simply recognized the parolee in question, but they also reportedly recognized that he was wanted by law enforcement. When an officer approached the parolee the man allegedly shot the officer in the leg. The parolee was reportedly armed with a handgun and was also known as a confirmed gang member.

From this beginning sequence of events, the situation devolved. The parolee was said to have taken cover in a nearby house, where he exchanged gunfire with a number of law enforcement officers. Police officers swarmed the scene, and the suspect was said to have tried to escape the police perimeter mutual times leading to several more gunshots being fired. He was eventually apprehended and was being held on a parole violation. However, the reports indicate that the authorities plan to charge the man with a variety of additional criminal offenses, which could include charges of attempted murder as well as some gun charges.

Source:, "Arrest ends CA shootout that wounded 6 officers," Don Thompson, Oct. 26, 2013

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