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Two men arrested in nearby Yolo County face drug charges

Thousands of arrests on drug charges occur throughout the country each year after someone gets spotted violating a traffic law while driving a vehicle. These types of cases make the news all the time, and they pop up after someone is stopped for speeding, failure to signal a turn or any other of the numerous routine traffic laws that, in actuality, millions of Americans violate every day. But sometimes a traffic stop is just the beginning of what is destined to become a much more serious case.

That seems to have been the situation recently in nearby Yolo County, where Sheriff's deputies in that county spotted a Porsche being driven in a rural area on November 11. The car did not have a front license plate. In any other situation, this probably would have resulted in a traffic stop, and either a warning or a ticket for this very low-level violation. But, according to the reports, that is not what occurred with the driver and passenger in this car.

The reports indicate that the driver, upon seeing the deputies, attempted to pull the car out of sight behind a house. That apparently didn't work, and when the occupants of the Porsche were approached by the deputies they allegedly hopped out of the car and ran. The two men were eventually apprehended, and a search of the car reportedly turned up syringes filled with the opium-based drug heroin. To make matters worse, it turns out that the Porsche was allegedly reported as stolen.

When police officers see a vehicle that they find to be suspicious, a widely utilized technique is to follow the vehicle and wait for the driver to commit a traffic violation. That gives the police a reason to stop the vehicle, which can lead to more criminal charges if the occupants are indeed in possession of something illegal, like drugs or firearms.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "2 arrested in Yolo County after deputies spot stolen Porsche, find heroin," Tillie Fong, Nov. 13, 2013

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